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A home for orphans in Tanzania


  • In Tanzania, many children suffer from hunger, they are severely neglected and the violence of adults, often close attachment figures, is their daily routine. They often suffer from malnutrition or undernourishment and live in undignified conditions. They have no access to medical care and they cannot go to school, thus denying them the opportunity for employment and a self-determined life. They are exploited, trafficked and sold. They end up in prostitution, become child soldiers or work on plantations, in mines or quarries. Newborns die because they are abandoned due to social pressure, illness or poverty.

Waisenkinder Tansania e. V. is a non-profit organisation that was founded by Angelika Isabel Gritzmann and aims to give love, trust and hope to needy orphans and street children in Tanzania.

OUR GOAL is to give traumatised orphans and street children a loving and safe home, to give them access to good education and to support them in their development so that they can experience a healthy, self-determined and happy childhood.

OUR VISION is to give orphans and street children a dignified and independent life.

We stand up for these children so that they do not become victims of these unspeakable injustices. It is important to us that the children in our care grow up in a safe home, receive loving and caring care, develop confidence and hope again and are allowed to experience a happy childhood.

We accompany all children until they have fully completed their education, because it is precisely these children who educate future generations and teach them values such as love, trust, respect and appreciation. This is the only way we can guarantee sustainability and create a more just world.