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Our history

The civilian crisis team emerged from our Lesbos working group at the beginning of the Ukraine war in early 2022.

Tobias Winkler, the founder of “Love in a Box” flew to Lesvos after the fire in the refugee camp Moria on Lesvos in the fall of 2020. There he also visited our partner organization ” Stand by me Lesvos” and suggested them to put together an aid bridge from Germany. Quickly a WhatsApp community with about 20 members was created. Together we were able to initiate numerous large transports to Lesvos in a very short time.

At the beginning of the Ukraine war, Tobias initiated our focus on Ukraine. Many aid organizations and individual helpers joined us. The “Network civilian crisis team” was created.

With 104 participants in our WhatsApp group, an effective infrastructure was quickly created and contacts were made with generous sponsors. In addition to the other work of the individual NGOs, a total of 300 semitrailer trucks with 11,000 pallets could be delivered to Ukraine by the end of August 2022, in addition to numerous other assistance.

Stirred up by the news and pictures from Africa, 19 participants or NGO’s of the Civilian Crisis Staff have joined together to form a network: Miara – Help for Africa.

On Lesbos we started with sandwiches. Let’s see what we can do together with you for the people in Africa.

Members of Miara