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Doctors for Ethiopia e.V.

We, from the association Doctors for Ethiopia e.V., are committed together with our partners to the medical care of people in need in Ethiopia. We support these people by building new medical facilities, training doctors and nursing staff and procuring medical equipment, medicines and hospital equipment.

We have two visions:
First: we will continue to support Yirgalem General Hospital by donating medical supplies, sharing knowledge and experience, and organizing medical and technical workshops.

Secondly: we would like to establish a village for abandoned children. Our vision is to support Yirgalem General Hospital in the south of Ethiopia and to build a home for abandoned children.

Our goal is to free the children from the shackles of poverty and provide them with access to their basic rights and needs. The children’s village is run in cooperation with the Christian Parish Phillipisios Church in Addis Ababa as our local partner and in cooperation with Yirgalem General Hospital as health care.

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Our bank details:
Recipient: Doctors for Ethiopia e.V.
Bank: German Doctors and Pharmacists Bank IBAN: DE25 3006 0601 0004 1518 90
Purpose: The Yirgalem General Hospital in Ethiopia